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LegAids is a site dedicated to mobility information and products for mainly leg related problems, their causes and where you can get the best products online at near wholesale  prices delivered directly to your door internationally.  Institutions are also welcome.

The team at LegAids.com hope that you find this site  informative and useful in your day to day activities giving you more comfort and helping you to lead a more active life.

Apart from relevant information, we bring you quality products such as Jobst compression stockings and flight socks, Moliform incontinence products, practical mobility aids to assist in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. 

Better medical knowledge and understanding has increased the  average life span through out western countries.  In Australia, men’s life expectancy is 83.1 years,  while women’s is 86.4 years* For more statistics on our aging nation please refer to the Australian Seniors site

While we appreciate the opportunity of living longer,  unfortunately this does not mean that we arrive at 80 years of age in the same condition that we were in when  we were 50.

We also lead a different lifestyle these days.  Today we try to be  more active, however in many cases, as we age we need a helping hand to assist us to get around with greater  ease and comfort.  The purpose of this site is to give you information that will help you to manage  conditions while showing you where you can purchase the best assisting products available  today.  We appreciate your comments on our site – at the  bottom of this page, and many others on the site there we have included a comments section for your use -  merely scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Today, it is estimated that over 30% of ageing Australians suffer from incontinence requiring some form of adult diaper and the assistance of a mattress protector while 10% of aged care residents require vascular socks to assist vein disorders.

* Statistics courtesy of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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